New 20/20 Club member Latashia Alexander, her husband of almost 16 years, and their two children reside in Grand Prairie, TX. Latashia is originally from Birmingham, AL.

Latashia’s interests are varied - she loves all things adventure, anything that helps her save a dollar or two or a thousand(!), spending time with her family, and helping others achieve their maximum potential.  She tells us that in 2006 she gave birth to a little girl as a gestational surrogate mother and had penned two books to help surrogates and intended parents understand the process.

Latashia is a United States Army Disabled Veteran. Being former military, she was stationed in Germany, but since that time her travels have all been stateside. It was not until the launch of her travel business that she and her husband took their first trip to Mexico! She says, “Since starting this business, I am in the air at least four times a month!! I know social media is tired of me!!”

When asked how she has achieved success at PlanNet Marketing, Latashia shares, “Zig Ziglar said it best that ‘You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want’. From the very inception of my involvement with this business, I had no intent to focus on ranks or how to get there. My focus has, and will always be, showing people the value in the product (travel) and that the marketing side is the cherry on top. In one month of ‘being an example,’ traveling, and consistency, I welcomed 20 business partners! Honestly I had no idea what silver or gold meant when I started! The one tip I would pass along is the more you focus on ‘outward recognition’ and ranks, the less time you have to actually give people what they want! The unselfish act of focusing on others and growing your business by giving value will result in success!  See you at the top!”