Meet Cindy Bruggeman, PlanNet’s new One-Star Director! Cindy and her husband Keith live in Saint Henry, OH (population 2,500) and have five children, ages 10 to 25. Her interests are spending time with her family, traveling, roller coasters, and relaxing at the family lake house on Lake Erie in the summer months.  She also enjoys listening to Christian music and motivational speakers and going to concerts. Cindy is a volunteer EMT for her local Emergency Squad and her husband is a volunteer firefighter.
Cindy says, “We love the beach! Been to Florida and the Outer Banks of NC several times!  Myrtle Beach.  Atlantic City. Seattle. Phoenix. Chicago. St. Louis. Las Vegas. Canadian, Michigan and Minnesota fishing trips. We honeymooned in Cancun and took a Disney World trip in 2010.  We took our first cruise last year on Carnival: it was a 10-day cruise to Bahamas, Dominican Republic and Turks and Caicos!  We fell in love with cruising and already have our next one booked!”
She shares her tips on success: “I am plugging into the leaders, coaches and my mentors every single day in some way, whether it be the daily vitamin call or watching recorded videos. I listen to the Sunday night Power Hour. I take notes every chance and I do PS3 and duplicate the PS3 system. I attend every Opportunity Meeting possible and promote the meetings to my team. We do a weekly team meeting via web to create a sense of family for those who don’t have team members who live close to them.”
She relates how she achieved fast success: “I launched within 48 hours of signing up and we try to duplicate that with every new Rep who  joins our organization.  It keeps momentum and excitement within the organization.  I show the plan live and via webinar.”