Welcome to the 20/20 Club Marquita Lomax (better known as Kita)! Kita is 26 and was born and raised in Greenville, SC, and currently resides in Piedmont, SC (Greenville area). She tells us, “I enjoy playing tennis; music is my go to for peace and Zen; I often tutor in algebra and Spanish (but can’t speak it fluently - crazy right?); I also enjoy food, and gaining knowledge on travel and increasing my business.”

Kita relates that her travel experiences were slim to none, which was another reason why she got into the business. Her first flight was to the Convention in Vegas in April. Anywhere she has ever been has been by car.  Being from Greenville, she has been to places like Charlotte, Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, and Charleston. She has visited DisneyWorld twice; Virginia Beach; Savannah,GA; Dollywood and Pigeon Forge, TN; and Cincinnati, OH, which was the one place that definitely caught her by surprise and is one of her favorite places to have visited, with so much culture in the area and so many places to eat!

Kita says, “My success comes from my coaches and facing my fears! My sponsor, Natalie Graham, stressed to me before on all the potential I had and how far I could go, but I didn’t have the sense of urgency. Once I reached Gold, I got comfortable (BIG MISTAKE). In January I reached my first year anniversary and I felt like I had nothing to really show for it. I spent my first year building up my clientele, which is great, but I still hadn’t taken an extravagant trip or anything. And then I went through a traumatic time so it brought that sense of urgency I had been missing in my business because I needed a distraction. I needed to pour all my time and energy into something positive and productive, and I did so with my business. I started back by booking trips and pouring out positive vibes to everyone I crossed paths with, especially my team. It was like once they saw me doing more, it motivated them to do so as well on the Rep side. This year, I have brought in more people in the first quarter of this year than I did in 2016 alone!”

“I hear often how this is a numbers business, but it’s also about your mindset. You have to be confident in you. The confidence in the product is inevitable because it is what attracted you to the business, but your mindset and confidence in yourself is what builds your business. The foundation is already put in place. My upline, my mentors, my business partners in our direct organization - that is my foundation. It’s solid. But my mindset and confidence in myself is what I have control over and once I grasped that concept, there was no stopping me. I am picky with whom I want on my team. I am able to build and lead with the mindset that my team needs. I strive to be a leader. I am not where I want to be yet but I know with the foundation, mentorship and mindset that I now have, my team and I will all be walking across the stage at the next convention as Directors.