Are you where you want to be?
I see room for improvement in everything I do, being a mom, a wife, a co-worker, a COO, the list goes on. Every day is a learning process to get where I want to be and do what I know I am capable of. There is always something that seems to knock me down every day - a fight between my kids, a missed appointment because I got sidetracked on something else equally important, or this morning my internet going down for five minutes at the most critical part of my day when I needed to get some important work done.

I had to remind myself to take a breath and keep moving. Sometimes these frustrations or distractions just become an excuse to give up. Keep moving on and if there is a frustration or distraction that we can help you through, then call the S-Team - we want to help you continue down the path to excellence!
~LeAnn Troeckler, Chief Operations Officer

Happy June PlanNet Reps and Directors!

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~LisaMarie Klinger, Vice President Marketing Administration