New 20/20 Club Member Charmaine Turner (Camet Turner on Facebook) was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Queens/Long Island, New York. She now resides in sunny Palm Bay, FL and works in a corporate legal department within the insurance industry. Charmaine enjoys traveling, shopping and spending quality time with family. Last year her travel journeys included stops in: New York, Georgia, Florida Keys, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, Jamaica and Canada. She is looking forward to many more trips worldwide! Bucket list trips include Hawaii, a cruise, Dubai, and China. She shares this fun fact: Her Facebook name Camet Turner represents her full name, Charmaine Ann-Marie Elliott-Turner.
Charmaine tells us, “I achieved my success in this journey because I treat every prospect as my G.U.E.S.T. 
G = Greet them and find out a little bit of information about them
U = Understand their goals and listen to what they are needing
E = Explain how those goals can be achieved with this opportunity
S = Suggest the best option for them based on what they set for their goals
T = Thank them for taking the time to speak with me
In order to achieve success in this industry, you must remain coachable! Attend your local meetings, go to the conventions, stay plugged in! The calls have been provided for our benefit in order to grow our business. Always remember your "why" and why you got started in the business, and never lose sight of that. We will all achieve, if we just believe!”