“The opportunity to fellowship with some of the best minds and top leaders in the industry.”

Eagle Weekend 2017 was held last weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  It was THE most amazing event on the PlanNet! Eagle training began with Moment with a Mentor - Gold Builders and Directors of all levels had a three-minute opportunity to speak with a mentor for specialized attention and advice. At the end of the three-minute session, each person moved to the next mentor in line! Our team of mentors did an outstanding job with the challenging questions that were posed to them. Many thanks to our mentors: Donald Bradley, Andy Cauthen and Founding Directors Shedrick White, Orlanda Moore, Eileen Ross, JP Watkins and Walter & Tiffany Powell!

The next session showcased an outstanding lineup of speakers who shared their business expertise and knowledge with the eager crowd. Many thanks to Deborah Bradley, Orlanda Moore, DeJoire and Erick Benson, Tony Fleming, David Dacosta, Shedrick White, Andy Cauthen, and Chairman Don Bradley.

The highlight of the session was the presentation of the Presidential Sapphire Rings to DeJoire and Erick Benson, Tony Fleming, and David Dacosta! Congratulations on this exceptional accomplishment!

After lunch and free time, everyone decked out in their beautiful white attire for the All White Affair aboard a magnificent yacht. Deborah and Donald Bradley greeted everyone as they boarded in anticipation of an incredible dinner and dancing under the stars. Capping off this spectacular event was the Midnight Locker Room, Chairman Bradley’s mentorship meeting with Q&A from the group, which did not end until 3:30 am! Another amazing PlanNet Marketing event! 

Check out these inspiring videos featuring Orlanda Moore, Shedrick White, Walter & Tiffany Powell, and Eileen Ross!