New 20/20 Club member Jennifer Smith tells us that she is honored and blessed to be part of the 20/20 Club. She is a single mom of three amazing boys (her "why"). They reside in the small town of Findlay, OH, but also spend a lot of time at Lake Erie where her boyfriend lives. She says, “I joined this amazing business on Dec. 7, 2016. From the moment I joined, the support from the company and leaders has been one of a kind. I love being with my sons and having the time to go to all their school sporting events. PlanNet Marketing allows me to work from home and make my own schedule. It also gives me the freedom to take vacations! We love Cozumel, Mexico! We have been there four times! My family has always been very adventurous - we love boating, fishing, snorkeling, parasailing, zip-lining - you name it, we will probably do it!

“I joined this business because I love the idea of not having to sell products! I am not a good salesperson and with this you don't have to sell anything or be connected to a product. I love helping people and love the power of helping people change their lives with the business opportunity…I am addicted! I think the reason I have grown so quickly with PlanNet Marketing is staying connected with my team and leaders. You must have goals every day. Not just big goals, but little goals as well. Celebrate all your achievements but then get back to work and stay focused on your  "why.”  Getting out of your comfort zone is also very important. It is very hard to do but it enables you to grow even more, in more ways than one! Also, do NOT let ‘no’ and negative people get you down! It happens, but shake it off and keep going - it’s just part of the business and if you expect it to happen it is much easier to get over it!

“A little fun fact about me is that I have an identical twin sister! I am so lucky to have Robyn's support and also to be best friends with her and her daughter, Taylor!”