Members of The Society of Intelligent Travelers in the United Kingdom
can now become home-based Travel Agents with InteleTravel!


I am writing to you at the launch of a personal dream of mine - the first formal expansion of InteleTravel outside North America. In making that dream a reality, InteleTravel intends to remain the responsible partner to our Agents in the UK that we have been for 25 years in the States, bringing the same excellence and quality in support of your travel business and as the product for your marketing business. With that in mind, I have made a decision to hold the release of the booking engine technology for an additional week, and this modifies some of the email announcement below.

In a series of final testing sessions over the last few days, I have determined that the user experience and functionality of the booking engines does not meet InteleTravel's standards. It is very close. But it is not fine-tuned enough for you to base the reputation of your travel business on or show to prospects in your marketing business. I do not want your customers or prospects judging your travel services, or InteleTravel or our marketing partner based on the current experience. Therefore, the access to the booking engines will be opened to you on Monday, July 10. All of the other exciting information in the announcement below is accurate. Get started as an InteleTravel Travel Agent now, touring the virtual agent office, readying your business, learning and then earning! 

Here's to and our groundbreaking partnership! 



It’s finally here! On the first of July, Members of The Society Of Intelligent Travelers in the United Kingdom can become home based travel agents with the ONLY reputable, full scale host travel agency in the UK. Now you can EARN money on travel – not just spend; get educated and accredited as a travel professional; own your own travel business with the company that created the idea 25 years ago…as well as share it with your friends and family! For those who want, the time has finally come to transfer from the Society travel club to InteleTravel’s famous home-based, independent travel agent program – at no additional costs. And make travel history in the UK!

At the Society you have wonderful travel benefits, but it was about spending, not earning. Now you will have even more opportunities to travel, with the same InteleTravel price assurance, but with an important addition…you will now be able to sell travel to others and earn income from travel commissions. You will grow yourself and your travel business with InteleTravel’s robust agent education, including online video courses and tests, podcasts, webinars, live events and travel agent learning trips!

This offer to transfer programs applies only to residents of the UK.

Because you joined the Society prior to July 1, you had free access to get educated and prepared, free training and other advantages. Now if you transfer to the Agent program formally in July, you will receive 80% Travel Commission Share on bookings made from July 1st – December 31st 2017 (everyone else gets 70% and has to earn 80% by reaching a travel sales quota) – a powerful head-start for your travel income! CLICK TO TRANSFER BY JULY 31.

Click the button below to acknowledge you want to transfer to the travel agent program, sign the independent contractor/agent agreement and press “Become An Agent”. If you take advantage of this offer in time, there are no additional costs or fees. After this date, the full prevailing cost of enrollment and monthly Unlimited Support fees for the agent program will apply, with no Charter Agent benefits.

IMPORTANT: CURRENCY CONVERSION CORRECTION. Starting with your July billing, regardless of whether you choose the Society or the Agent program, there will be a currency conversion correction to keep enrollment and monthly pricing equivalent to the pricing in USD. This is NOT a price increase, and is allowed by your written membership agreement. Click Here to see the dramatic change in GBP/USD exchange rates over the past 18 months. The corrected GBP fees are: Enrollment £142, Unlimited Monthly Support £32.

Immediately after you will receive an email welcoming you to the agent program and providing you with a modified PIN – it will be your same Society Member PIN number; however, the first letter will change from an “S” to “UK”. There will also be agency codes and credentials you need to begin selling travel, and instructions for how to get started.



How will I be billed?
Your billing will remain the same as the Society with no change to your payment schedule or payment method (same credit card). Card information may be updated if necessary online in your new Agent virtual office under My Profile once you have transferred.

Is there a cost to transfer?
No, as long as you opt in by the deadline, there are no fees or costs other than the same ongoing monthly fee as the Society program, paid on the same schedule.

What if I don’t want to transfer?
The feedback has been unanimous that this is what the Society members in your country want, but if you do not opt into the transfer by July 31, 2017, you will remain a SOIT member and continue to receive these benefits. If you decide to join the agent program later, you will be required to pay the prevailing price of enrollment and monthly fees at that time, with no Charter Agent benefits.

Can I change my mind?
The offer to transfer will not be repeated. Once the transfer is made, it cannot be reversed.

Is the Agent Program ready for the UK?
The Agent program and technology platform has been customized just for the UK. Over a Beta period additional changes will be introduced that are specific to the UK travel market and local operations.

July 1 Beta Launch

Sell 900+ Airlines, 70 Consolidators, 200 Low Cost Carriers NOW
Sell Over 1 Million Hotels/Accommodations NOW
Sell Car Hire NOW
Sell Cruise NOW (Temporarily cruise is available through US program in USD.
UK pricing and inventory expected within 30 days)
Sell EuroStar Rail NOW
Sell Passport/Visa Expediting NOW
Online Booking Platform NOW
*NOTE: All bookings during Beta period must be online through InteleTravel’s booking platform. You may not complete bookings directly with suppliers on supplier website or telephone. Direct bookings will be allowed in Phase 2 program
Online Education NOW
Dream Maker & CLIA Events NOW (additional fees may apply)
UK Agent Virtual Office – NOW 24/7 Reporting,Tools, Webinars, Podcasts, More Coming!
Unlimited Support NOW Telephone, Email & Live Chat. 11:00 – 21:00 7 Days

Phase 2 - Summer 2017
More UK Focused Cruise Inventory and Cruise GBP Pricing
Holiday Packages & Tours, Dynamic Engine For ATOL Packaging
Activities & Tours Engine
Concert & Sports Tickets
More Villas, Caravan Parks
Travel Insurance
Work Directly w/Suppliers
More U.K. Partners & Products
More Live Events & Training

Schedules, features and details subject to change.

Is InteleTravel ATOL?
ATOL is a set of consumer protection regulations that applies to “Principals” or “Originators” of travel packages, the holiday companies that create the trips/deals. InteleTravel and you are “Agents” selling those packages and are not properly subject to ATOL. However all the holiday and package products InteleTravel agents sell to customers will be ATOL protected by the companies/brands that originate them.

How will commissions be paid?
Hyperwallet will allow agents in the UK to receive travel commissions through direct deposit or transfer to pre-paid debit card, avoiding the expense of paper check delivery and related bank fees. This is the same company as Paylution used by PlanNet Marketing, but you will need a separate account for your InteleTravel travel commissions. When your first travel commission is due, Hyperwallet will notify you and instruct you by email how to create your account and transfer your funds. There is no need to create an account until a commission is due to you.

As a PlanNet rep what product will I be selling to residents of my country?
PlanNet reps will be able to sell the independent travel agent program in the UK now, but no longer sell Society memberships there. Your PlanNet website will no longer route residents of the UK to SOIT product info or enrollment, and now will offer InteleTravel ITA product only, upon this launch.

What about mainland France?
Residents of mainland France will be directed to SOIT product only, and no agent program will be available there until future notice.