As PlanNet Marketing nears the end of our second year in business, we are more than pleased with the growth we have enjoyed. We're thrilled with the growth in our leadership and the great accomplishments we have achieved together. 

However, with growth comes other challenges, and it becomes increasingly difficult to police and enforce policies the larger we get. So in a re-evaluation of our corporate Policies and Procedures, we are more clearly defining some rules and enforcing them more strictly going forward. 

1. Videos and Marketing Materials Development by Reps. PlanNet Marketing will no longer allow the creation of videos by Reps. Only Corporately created videos will be compliant for Rep use. This means that corporately, PlanNet Marketing will be even more open to suggestions and recommendations from the field regarding needed videos and marketing tools. We want all our marketing tools to be fully compliant and easily duplicatable. When we allow an individual Rep to create a video for their own personal use, it creates an opportunity for non-compliance, it is not easily duplicated for all Reps, and it creates a growing challenge of policing such developments.  Let's streamline this process and stick to corporately created videos only. (Webinars are allowed as long as they use the corporate Powerpoint presentation.)

2. Proprietary Database. PlanNet Marketing will be more strict about the use of our proprietary database.  Reps will not be allowed to use PlanNet's Proprietary Database to promote or sell anything other than PlanNet Marketing to any Rep outside their Directly Sponsored Reps.  We do not want our Reps to use this important and proprietary information to further themselves or their business interests, but rather to further our goals as a company. We want to be respectful of all PlanNet Marketing Reps and ensure they are not being inundated with offers for products and services that are outside PlanNet Marketing. 

As we grow, our company will be a larger target for attention and scrutiny - we want to be doing everything right!
 ~Amanda Restivo, VP, Compliance --