Welcome new 20/20 Club members Stuart and Mona Grandison! Stuart is a native of Linden, NJ and Mona is a native of Boston, MA. They currently reside in McCalla, AL, which is nestled between the two popular cities of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, AL They have been married for 15 and a half years and have a blended family, which includes six children - two boys and four girls. Stuart has been a truck driver for 36 years and Mona is a former paralegal and currently owns a mobile tax preparation business. Stuart has an interest in old car restoration and Mona loves to travel. As a truck driver, Stuart has traveled to all 50 of the United States and they have both visited five Caribbean countries since becoming a part of the travel industry, almost 4 years now.

Mona is the people person of the partnership. She has personally sponsored all 20 agents since partnering with InteleTravel. She loves booking travel and helping people to understand the value of being a travel agent instead of a travel consumer. She has educated herself on various vendor portals and was a qualified IATA agent with a previous host agency and is on track to achieving the Travel Guru status with InteleTravel before the end of the year. The love of the industry and the knowledge Mona has obtained has allowed her to help their agents get in profit mode once they've started their own travel business. Also, being a tax preparer, she has helped them and others maximize the tax deductions that are afforded to someone with a home-based business. They have also created a family as it pertains to their team. Mona's motto is No One Left Behind.

The Grandisons strongly encourage every PlanNet Marketing Rep to know the product. They explain, “People want tangible things and with this business being an e-commerce business, it lacks the physical, touchy-feely objects on the front end. However if you train people how to book travel they can earn some touchy-feely cold hard cash on the back end! And in this economy we can all use a few extra dollars in our bank accounts.”

Mona says that she holds the hands of all of her agents until they “shake themselves off.” She prides herself on the fact that she wants to be the leader she wished she had in previous opportunities, so Reps don't just recruit agents and depend on only InteleTravel to train them. “The agents who partnered with you, partnered with YOU!  It's your responsibility to help them until they are ready to soar all by themselves!”