New 20/20 Club Member Maxine McDonald was born in Jamaica, coming to the UK as a young child. She currently lives and works in South East London. Her interests are in all things historic, reading, and visiting. She has a keen interest in Reformation history and the Christian Church. She shares, “I like eating out, especially Mediterranean cuisine, and keeping fit. I have one daughter and I will be a grandmother in October. To say I’m overjoyed would be an understatement.”    

Maxine continues, “I have travelled to many countries in Europe. I particularly love Italy - you see the history connection? I’ve visited several states in the U.S. I especially love the United Kingdom. My friends laugh at me because I love the journey as much as I love the destination. My friends and family say that I’m a natural saleswoman. So when I was introduced to network marketing it was like “a match made in heaven.” I understand the solid principles of networking and how to achieve success. I believe that I have finally found the right product to succeed with. As we say in the UK, travel is a no-brainer.

“Whatever you do will duplicate so I teach good practices, not only in the business protocols but also when it comes to dealing with potential prospects and customers. I’ve learned the importance of transparency, to lead with the product, and to meet prospects at their point of need rather than focusing on my own needs to the extent that I forget it’s about helping others reach their goals. Regardless of my success, I know that God has ordered my steps and so I just do what’s right by Him and the rest they say, is His-story.

“On a lighter note: Nelson Mandela attended my University graduation, not by personal invitation I hasten to add, but by chance. He winked and raised his thumb in approval as I walked past him with degree in hand -  the smile on my face! My nerves prevented me from going up to him for a hug despite him being no more than a foot away from me!”