Welcome to the 20/20 Club Chanelle and Terry Fry! Chanelle shares, “We are both from South London, born and raised here!  We have a young son, Finlay, who is seven, and who shares the same passion for travelling that we do! We live for our family holidays, which is what originally attracted us to the opportunity. Aside from travelling, we enjoy going for walks and camping in the UK. We really got the travel bug a couple of years back when we met a family in Bali, Indonesia and have been to some fantastic parts of the world together. We've seen some great things from the Northern Lights in Iceland, to the Night Spectacular at Disney in Florida, and have lots more destinations on our goal board to tick off!”

Chanelle tells us her hobbies include running, shopping, and reading -  with a love for self-development books and studios.Terry enjoys football, keeping fit, and skiing. 

“We believe our success comes down to a real passion for the business which is infectious when sharing the opportunity! We talk to everybody about the business and never discount somebody or pre-qualify that this would not be for them...everyone's a prospect! Always look for leaders, not followers, and work closely with those who want success and put the effort in. We provide our own team trainings and support and love to give recognition and team incentives.

“Create a team brand and identity what will attract people to your business and market yourself well on social media. We teach our team attraction marketing, which in turn brings great people into our team.”

Chanelle says up until a few years ago she was terrified to fly long distance! Now the family can't get enough and would happily spend all their time in the air!  She concludes, “It just goes to show the magic really does happen when you step outside of your comfort zone!”