New 20/20 Club member Kenzie King lives in Weston, ID, a tiny town of 500 people and MANY cows. She says, “I am an animal lover, so it works out great for me!

“I have MANY interests and they span the spectrum! I love to do stained glass, paint with watercolor, and experiment with cooking. I almost went to culinary school but ended up buying a screen printing business instead and have been doing that since 2006. I am a mother and I love watching my young daughter learn and grow. I love old buildings and used to work in historic restoration with my brother. My favorite job I have had is as a stonemason. I love finding the beautiful in the ordinary; that may be my main interest :) I have been fortunate to travel to some amazing locations! Peru and New Zealand are among the top favorites. The stonework in Peru is mind boggling. I have a giant list of locations, ever growing, in my mind that I plan to visit. I have an intense itch to travel so this business is perfect for me!

“The way I am achieving success within Plannet Marketing is by consistently doing the small things like posting ads, following up with prospects, and staying plugged in to the community and listening and putting into practice what my successful leaders are saying. We have to keep our funnels full for success too! Most importantly, I am keeping a positive outlook on the process and I visualize things happening. I know that what I think about, I will attract to me, so I am always thinking of myself AS A DIRECTOR ALREADY! To me, it makes a huge difference. 

“When talking with prospects, I take the time to learn about them as people with lives and challenges and successes. I take into account the lessons Dani Johnson teaches about FORM. I feel this is very helpful in letting prospects know that I really do care about them and I am not just trying to get them to enroll, which, in turn, makes them want to enroll even more! Some prospects I have talked with for three months or more before they are ready to join up! Patience is key! While this isn't the way to achieve success 'quickly,’ it is a way to achieve success consistently. Timing has to be right for a new business to fit into some of their lives.

“A fun fact about me is that I lived in an army tent in the forest in Oregon for a summer. It rained a lot and life was soggy, but I loved it!”