New 20/20 Club member Richard Foster was born in Baton Rouge, LA and grew up in the small town of Angie, LA. He loves spending time with his children, ages 3, 14, and 16. He tells us that working his full time job in the oil and gas industry caused him to miss a lot of time with them. “My family and I were already taking trips a couple times a year. My oldest two boys have been involved in sports since they were younger, so we were already doing a lot of traveling! When PlanNet Marketing was presented to me by my personal sponsor and coach Mr. Phillip Rollins, there was no hesitation about my answer to join forces. My personal travel experiences have been to Hawaii, the Bahamas, Cabo, Trinidad and Tobago, Chicago, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Mexico.

“I can attribute my success to being coachable and teachable, and following the system. My coach, Mr. Phillip Rollins, has always stretched my mind daily. Although I still work full time in the oil and gas industry, I'm always plugged in. I attend all the events that I’m qualified for. I host travel parties and support my business partners.”

Richard shares, “The best advice I can give is to trust the system, trust your coach. They are there to help you get to the next level. Believe in YOURSELF that you can achieve any rank and that YOU deserve to be at the next level. I love being Involved with positive people. I love learning from different individuals. My grandfather, whom I've always looked up to, owned and operated his own pulpwood log trucks for over 25 years. One day, he and I were having lunch and I asked him how he was successful with running his own business for such a long period of time. He told me this: ‘Whatever you wanna do in life, it's up to you to make it happen. Don't worry about what other people say, just be yourself, and keep pushing.’ Those words have stood by me for years!”