Two-Star Director and new 20/20 Club member Yvette Green was born in Harlem, NY and lives in Charleston, SC. Yvette says, “My interest is to help educate as many people as possible on the why and how to truly experience and capitalize on entrepreneurship. I enjoy empowering them on how to really appreciate financial freedom, owning and building their own business. I love, love showing others it’s possible and just how powerful they really are.
“My travel experience has been awesome, with so much more to come. So far I have been blessed with traveling to Las Vegas several times, Mexico, Jamaica, Hawaii and the latest isNew York, New York...so nice they named it twice! I’m truly enjoying emptying my bucket list of travel by experiencing them first class.
“I have achieved success at PlanNet Marketing by first and foremost putting God first. I have a great appreciation for leadership, self empowerment, and always knowing when to be a student - to learn as much as possible from the leaders - when to be a leader and then lead.
“The way I achieved success so quickly is first with a BELIEF! I truly believe I have something that can change lives for the better. When I made the decision to help as many people as possible, I always remember who I am and who I am coupled with. Consistency, leadership, duplication, and building relationships equals success.  What I understand is, if I help enough people get what they want - I will always have what I NEED.”