New PlanNet Marketing One-Star Director Robin R. Loving shares with us, “Hello! I am from sunny San Diego, CA.  My hobbies are helping others in or out of business, traveling, cooking, baking for family and friends, traveling to new places, serving at my church home, meeting new people and listening to music. I began traveling in the ninth grade when I went to Mexico with my school and had to speak Spanish only! I have been to Puerto Rico, Honduras, Belize, Cozumel, St. Maarten and St. Kitts, just to name a few. I will be going to Jamaica, Barcelona, Greece, Italy, and Croatia in 2018, and everywhere I can in between!

“People want to know why I’m always smiling and how is it that I can travel all the time. I am truly duplicating what I was taught by sharing the info, plugging in, and following up with the ones who might say “I’m not interested.” They are also the ones who follow me (secretly) on Facebook and later ask me about what I am doing. When I achieved One-Star Director, some of those Naysayers became Yaysayers!

“My success with PlanNet Marketing has truly been due to prayer, coachability, being relentless and having the desire to learn more so I can be a better leader! I know that in order to become a great leader, I must first be a great follower of those who have gone before me. I have a consistent excitement about my business!

“One of my biggest tools is the fact that I challenge myself to always get to the next level. Friendly competition is great, but no one expects more from me than I do. Thank you, Mr. Bradley and PlanNet Marketing!”