Meet new 20/20 Club member Lawanda Baker. Lawanda is a native of Jackson, TN, works in Birmingham and currently resides in Alabaster, AL. An award-winning graphic designer, Lawanda is the epitome of art.  “I love art and all things creative. My artistic appetite has only enhanced my wanderlust. Being a merchant of travel has allowed me to fulfill a lifelong dream - my daughter Laila and I traveled to Paris and the south of France for two weeks.

“This is my first network marketing venture and I have gained a level of respect for an industry that I did not know really existed.” Through exercising the tenets of network marketing, Lawanda has learned to achieve success by staying plugged in and remaining coachable. 

Though she is still very much a student of the industry and has many levels to reach, she eagerly and humbly shares three tips she has learned along the way.  “Become a sponge; absorb everything you hear and see, especially if you are new to the industry, and ‘COPY’ the leader or their work patterns; DECIDE that you will become successful. Our coach, Three-Star Director Mr. Tony Fleming, tells us that leaders are not born, they decide to lead, so make the decision and DO NOT let go of your dream. No matter what, keep your dream in front of you and don’t just chase after it - catch it and hold on until it becomes your reality.”

Lawanda relates this fun fact: “Aside from being a super mom with awesome powers, traveling the world, and accomplishing tall goals in a single bound, I share my Miss Awesomeness title with my favorite super hero, Wonder Woman!”