New 20/20 Club Member Maya Slade is a native of and currently resides in Columbia, SC.  She enjoys spending time and traveling the world with her three handsome sons and family, spending time with her best friends, taking care of her mother, watching football, and of course helping others reach their success!  She has traveled all over the world from Japan, Germany, Puerto Rico, and throughout the United States.

Maya says, “I’ve been able to achieve unimaginable success through PlanNet Marketing by first making a decision to change the way I think, committing to my commitment, staying plugged in, and being extremely coachable.  The most important tips I can offer to anyone who is trying to achieve success is to remember why you started and surround yourself with individuals who only want to see you succeed and who will hold you accountable throughout the process.

“A fun fact about me is that I was born in Okinawa, Japan, and my birth name was Mayumi Sunagawa.”  

Welcome to the 20/20 Club, Maya!