New 20/20 Club Member Philecia Thompson is originally from Bronx, NY, and now resides in Edmond, OK.  She relates that she has many interests which have turned into her passions, including health and fitness, dancing and reading.  “I absolutely get joy out of dancing and exercising. I am a girl in a tutu, having fun!  Dancing makes me feel like I am on top of the world, while reading gives me the ability to achieve and believe that anything I set my mind to is possible.” Philecia has traveled across the U.S. because of dance, and now with this opportunity, she will be able to travel internationally.  

“My success stems from my husband who pushes me daily, and our four children: two adults, Marquisha and Robert, and two younger sons, Adrion II and Aidan Thompson.  I am blessed to be the mother of some amazing children who have a strong entrepreneurial spirit.  They know exactly what I do and constantly encourage me to give it my all.  I also have the four best grandchildren whom I call my ‘4ortune’: Chosen Oné, Chance Christian, Cadence Kay Dior and Cameron Isaiah.  They give me life in an indescribable way!”

Philecia shares that the tip that has helped her the most is “getting my family buy-in, keeping them in the loop of my travel plans, meetings, and self-development.  It’s also important to do business outside of the home so you can be present for what you have planned, and everything will fall into place.  My ‘why’ pushed me to achieve 20/20 and it’s going to drive me to One-Star Director and plenty more. A little fun fact about me is that I am competitive and I love to play ‘Heads Up!’  

Congratulations to Philecia on achieving the 20/20 Club!