New 20/20 Club Member Sharonda Johnson tells us she is a proud single mother of two lovely children and was born, raised, and lives in Oklahoma City, OK. She has traveled extensively across the United States, and has been to Cancun and Canada. Her dream vacation is to visit Barcelona and Greece. She says, “Through this business, it’s going to happen!”

She continues, “I'm a huge sports fan, especially the Dallas Cowboys!  I'm a music lover, from rap to classical music, and I love helping others. I've been an entrepreneur in the beauty industry for 24 years, and the keys to my success in PlanNet Marketing are some of the keys that I took from my origin and experience in the beauty industry.

“When I started in the beauty industry, my endeavor was against the grain of what people close to me said I should do. I've always respected my family and friends for being gainfully employed and being seemingly comfortable doing so, but I wanted something different. I wanted control of my time and I love serving people and making them happy; so, against conventional wisdom with no clients or experience, I made a decision to follow my passion and the rest is history in the making. Ironically, the same was the case when I was approached about this wonderful opportunity. It was foreign to me; however, I drew from my passion to serve others.

I wanted to provide for myself and my children - a legacy income and total time freedom, which is something my vocation doesn't provide, because if I don't show up for work no income is derived. The PlanNet opportunity provides everything I've ever wanted, but I had no idea it would be in this form, and I'm so grateful to Mr. Bradley for his vision. My upline sponsors and mentors and the team of direct and sideline partners who inspire me to be better each day offer these tips for success: Be plugged in and attend all events, trainings, and calls. Be consistent to your goals - remember that this is not a sprint, it is a marathon, so patience is key. Always engage in personal development every day. Maintain a heart of servitude and most importantly of all…have fun!”