New 40/40 Club member Leinahtan Gaiter shares, “I am indeed honored to be PlanNet Marketing’s newest 40/40 Club achievement earner!  This business opportunity is truly a life changing journey - one that cannot be made alone. It takes a team, and I can say without question, I have an amazing team of business partners. Everything it took to accomplish 20/20 is the same that it takes to accomplish 40/40.

“I am proof that if you continue to do the simple things consistently, you will hit your goals, rise up within this company and go farther than you ever imagined!  I also must thank my support system, my wife Ebony and children Caleb, Preston and Evan. With them making the sacrifices and understanding my sacrifices, it makes the journey much easier and enjoyable.

“I won't stop here… 60/60 here I come!“