PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Rosalind Cheadle to the 20/20 Club! Rosalind is originally from Arcadia, Oklahoma, born and raised. She tells us, “I am a wife to my very supportive husband, Dale Cheadle, and mother of four beautiful daughters! I also have four wonderful grandchildren - Malloree, Charlie, Maxwell, and Halaya!! (they are absolutely my Why) whom I truly adore. I've owned several traditional businesses, but I've always had a passion for travel. When I was introduced to PlanNet Marketing, it just made sense to me. I was already booking travel for my family and for others, and I knew other people who needed an additional stream of income. One thing that I would tell people that helped me get to the next level was to plug in. Being plugged into the calls and remaining coachable is key in this business. The next thing I would share is following up with prospects and having a huge list. Also, never forget your Why and keep it written down where you can see it every day.

“We've always been a family that loves to travel. My husband and I wanted to give the gift of experience to our children. One very special memory for me was the cruises I planned for our 23rd wedding anniversary. One daughter (Cynphony) was graduating from high school, one daughter (Harmonniey) was graduating from law school! And my other daughter (Meladee) was graduating from pastry school! Last but not least, my baby girl (Lyric) was graduating from 8th grade!! We went to Jamaica and took our entire family! I’ve always wanted to show my children the world! With this opportunity, I will be able to show them and others.

“My goal is to help as many families as I can to have the same opportunity to not just experience travel as a merchant but to leave a legacy for their families. I'm so grateful to Mr. Donald Bradley for his vision and to my sponsor, Sharonda Johnson, and my Director, Dexter Grier, for all of their coaching and support. And last but definitely not least, my thanks to my loving husband, my rock, for everything he does to support our dreams!!”