It’s time for our annual installment of "Scary Truths from PlanNet Marketing." The truth about following the Policies and Procedures and staying legal and ethical in your business dealings can be very scary, but with a few tips and a healthy dose of knowledge, your PlanNet Marketing business won’t elicit fear in the hearts of you or your business partners.


Know the Rules, Follow the Rules

One dark, scary Halloween night, some independent contractors were just leaving their weekly meeting when a shadowy figure approached from across the foggy parking lot. As the figure drew closer they saw it was a businessman - he had some questions and the contractors had better have answers!

Do you get scared just THINKING about answering a prospect’s questions? What if you don’t KNOW the answers!?! That’s easy! PlanNet Marketing has your answers.

Here at PlanNet Marketing we advocate a business that is compliant and duplicatable – follow the rules and teach others to do the same. Step one is always to KNOW the rules yourself. Educate yourself first. When you ride in an airplane the flight attendants always remind you to put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others. If you can’t breathe, you won’t be able to save anyone else.

Get your oxygen masks out and prepare for anything. Learning the rules will give you the peace of mind that your business is compliant and ready to duplicate.

There really is no substitute for reading the rules for yourself. I truly wish each and every PlanNet Marketing Rep would read the entire Policies and Procedures document – all 21 pages of it! But the reality is, Reps often “agree” to be bound by these important rules without even a glance at the contents of the pages. Nothing can compare to knowing the details, but I’ve created a one-page set of bullet points that gives you a high-level overview of many of these policies (not everything). Start by reading this one pager! Once you get through it, dive into the full document. Not knowing these rules puts you and your business in danger of loss every minute of every day, and that is really scary.

Scary Truths 2.jpg
Policies and Procedures One Page Overview
  • Be respectful, ethical, moral, legal and financially sound in all your business dealings. Don't do anything or say anything damaging to you, PlanNet, or others. Don't be discouraging or negative - be supportive and encouraging. Follow the rules of PlanNet Marketing. Violating our policies, any law, or doing something that could damage PlanNet Marketing's reputation may result in disciplinary action. See Section 9.1 of the Policies and Procedures for a list of possible corrective measures.

  • The requirements to be a Rep: be of legal age and a resident of a country where PlanNet does business. Provide PlanNet with your tax information and agree to these policies and the IR Agreement.

  • The benefits of being a Rep are: Selling ITAs, enrolling Reps, earning commissions, communicating with PlanNet Marketing, participating in events for training, motivation and recognition.

  • Each person is allowed ONE Rep account - no exceptions.

  • Keep your Rep account active by paying your monthly fees. If you fail to pay your monthly fee for 60 days or more, your Rep account will be involuntarily canceled.Once a Rep account is canceled it cannot be reinstated. If you choose to voluntarily cancel, you must request cancellation in writing. PlanNet Marketing offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee on all initial fees paid to the company - simply write to us and request a refund.

  • PlanNet Marketing has created an Income Disclosure Statement to show earnings of all Reps. Please share this when you're talking about our business.

  • Reps must strictly follow the PlanNet Marketing Compensation Plan and company presentation when presenting the business to prospects. Don't offer any other product, service, or system with or at the same time as you are offering the Rep business. Don't accept payment from prospects - every Rep should pay PlanNet Marketing directly. Don't offer special deals or pricing. Don't pay for anyone else's Rep or ITA account.

  • Reps should only use corporately created sales aids. Anything not created by PlanNet corporate must be reviewed and approved by the PlanNet Compliance department.

  • Don't use PlanNet's name, logo or third-party company names or logos without prior written authorization. Don't use the name "PlanNet Marketing" in your domain names, email addresses, online aliases, and/or social media pages.

  • Make certain that your online marketing activities are truthful and not misleading or deceptive. Don't list the PlanNet Rep business as a "job" and don't claim to be an employee of PlanNet Marketing - you're an independent contractor. Identify yourself as a PlanNet Marketing Rep.

  • We don't do sponsor changes - so please make sure you're happy with your sponsor before you enroll.

  • Don't sell other products, services, or systems to PlanNet Reps you didn't personally sponsor into the company. Don't join a competing company. Don't try to target other direct sellers and lure them away from their current company to join ours. Don't attempt to get a current Rep to cancel and join your team.

  • Understand that PlanNet shares confidential information with you to allow you to best manage your business, but that information does NOT belong to you. This includes downline personal contact information, reports and sales information, line of sponsorship, and internal forms and materials. We consider all of this information trade secrets and you cannot share them with others or use them for any purpose other than working for PlanNet Marketing.

  • Train your team - you should offer some initial training to new Reps and ongoing training in the form of communication and assistance when requested. Make sure your team isn't making untrue or misleading claims about our business or product. If another Rep is not following these rules - please report policy violations in writing to

  • If you believe that PlanNet Marketing has made an error in commissions, bonuses, reports, or charges, please notify us in writing within 30 days to

  • If your account is terminated from InteleTravel, your Rep account will be automatically terminated from PlanNet Marketing.

-- The PlanNet Marketing Policies and Procedures are located in your Virtual Office in the Information Center (go to Resources, then Policies and Procedures).

~Amanda Restivo, Vice President, Compliance --