Welcome Rosalind Garrard, one of PlanNet Marketing’s newest One-Star Directors! Rosalind tells us that she lives in a little village called Beeston in Norfolk, UK. It's beautiful, very rural, and quiet. It is around two and half hours from London and only 30 minutes from the beautiful City of Norwich.

Rosalind says, “I obviously love traveling with my family and we are slightly addicted to Disney World and have been blessed to have been able to go a few times in Florida and also in Paris, France. I also am a volunteer for an amazing charity called SWAN (Syndromes Without a Name), as my youngest child has an undiagnosed genetic disorder which has left her severely disabled.

“We travel every year as a family across Europe from the Greek Islands through to mainland Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Germany, Poland, Menorca, (my goal is to visit every country) and we have been to Florida a few times. We also go to the International Christmas Markets which is so much fun to try new foods and buy unique presents. My kids love to travel which makes it all a little easier!”

When asked how she achieved success, she relates, “My success is not mine. I am blessed to have an amazing team who are in this with me and growing as well. With this business you already have the tools to grow your business, so use them. Like our getting started training, watch and re-watch the business presentation – this helps you talk about the business. Get people in front of the Directors of our industry. Let them talk for you. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. My BIGGEST tip I can ever give you is always work on yourself. You are your biggest asset in this business, so ensure you’re in tip-top form. I have learned this last year that my mindset needed adjusting and my health needed my attention. Also make sure you are willing to grow in your trade.Be willing to be coachable and approachable. DO everything with a smile.

“I share this amazing business with everyone. It's okay if they say ‘No’ because at the end of the day, if they don’t join me, they can book travel through me!! I encourage everyone who joins me to get three, repeat and teach. My leaders are amazing and growing their own empires as well. We have fun along the way.

“A fun fact about me: I am currently learning British Sign Language and loving it. I am going to add another way to communicate, including with my daughter.”