PlanNet Marketing is proud to recognize new One-Star Director and new 40/40 Club member Christa Caldwell! Christa is originally from Louisville, Kentucky, where most of her family still resides. She was raised in South Orange, NJ and relocated to the Somerset County area in New Jersey after she was married. She has been married 15 years and is the mother of two amazing teenagers.

Christa shares, “I enjoy anything that involves the ‘arts.’ This is actually why my family moved from Kentucky to New Jersey - my father was an up-and-coming artist, but then became a pastor and was known as the "Singing Pastor.” Also, I love being a mom and supporting everything my children are involved in. Wrestling is the sport I really love and I am so happy that this is one of the sports my son chose in his development as an athlete. Being a high school math teacher and inclusion consultant has always been in my heart because, since I could remember, I just had a love for helping our young people become all that God created them to be. Being ‘boo’d up with my bae’ is also my number one interest. Lastly, spending time with God is everything to me. It gives me peace and helps me to love my neighbor as I love myself and I really love Christa Syreeta. (Not in a vain way, lol!)

“Being a home-based business owner, I have been blessed to travel all around the world. Even though I have to work around my school schedule, I am still able to travel and see all the wonders of the world I desire. I have a map in my office of the world and I plan on putting a tack on as many places as I am allowed to travel to.

“Becoming successful in PlanNet Marketing came with a lot of focus, passion, being authentic, being coachable, and following the system. It wasn't easy getting to Directorship but it was worth it. I worked hard to try to follow the system so that my partners could duplicate the same system. No matter what challenges I faced from the business side or my personal battles, my ‘why’ was big and I wasn't quitting for anything or anyone.

“A fun fact about me is I took my travel business to raise support and awareness for lupus - it’s called Travel 4 Lupus. I was recently diagnosed with it back in April and it has been a journey. However, I am blessed to be in a company that allows us to pass down our businesses to our loved ones if anything should happen to us. I plan on living life abundantly for a long time. I am only 38 and will be turning 39 on November 4th, and I could say that so far I have obtained a lot and created some amazing memories. However, my story will not be ending any time soon, but if the Creator desires for me to return to him, at least I know my family will be okay.”