PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Amy White to the 20/20 Club! Amy is from Reading, United Kingdom. She shares that her interests include travel (of course), reading, spending time with family and friends and working on her mindset!

Amy says, “I haven't really had that many travel experiences to date! In fact, I didn’t have a valid passport until earlier this year. I've been to Florida for a Disney holiday when I was younger, I've been to Spain a lot and absolutely love it there, I've been to France and Egypt as well but there's so many more places that I can't wait to explore! I was so excited to travel to Atlanta for the first time for convention this September.

“I have achieved success quite simply by working hard in every spare moment I have available and not giving up when times are tough. For me, giving up is never an option. You have to show up to go up, so you need to be consistent and plug into your corporate team and your leadership team! Sharing your business every day is an absolute must too. Be coachable and willing to learn and implement things. Whatever you do, don't stop, build up momentum!”