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Meet new PlanNet Marketing One-Star Directors Dorian and Angela Joyner! Dorian was born and raised in Roosevelt, NY on Long Island. He moved to Atlanta, GA to attend Morehouse College in 1984. Angela was raised in Emporia, VA, moved to the nation’s capital, Washington, DC and then to Atlanta, GA in 1987. The Joyners currently reside in Stonecrest, GA, where they will be celebrating 30 years of marriage on December 17, 2018.

Angela loves working with and contributing to different charities. She loves the art of conversation, which she feels is missing today. She also enjoys fine arts and theater. Dorian is a major movie buff (like every week). In addition to movies he loves music (all genres) and has played several instruments professionally. Traveling is a major component of their lives and they love traveling with their family (and their kids still love traveling with them also).

“We met in a youth program and took our first international trip to Antigua in 1985 and the love of travel was ignited. One of our travel goals is to visit the nine New Wonders of the World. We have taken our family to Chichén Itzá, where the Mayan pyramid and Mayan calendar were developed. One of our favorite places to visit was actually in the US - the Grand Canyon (which no picture will ever show the splendor and depths). We have been to the Caribbean several times. Next up for the Joyner family is Machu Picchu, Peru and the Japanese Islands.

“We have achieved success at PlanNet Marketing by learning the art of focusing on the next goal that is in front of you. If you haven’t sponsored anyone, focus on just welcoming your first new business partner. If you have sponsored someone, now focus on Bronze Builder. By narrowing the focus of what you’re trying to achieve to the next goal, you’ll eventually accomplish all your goals.

“Teamwork has been the strongest factor in our success. Remember that attached to every $50, $25, $10 and $4 bill is a family who has seen an opportunity to achieve their goals. The way you achieve success is to help those families achieve their goals. When others know you care and will help them achieve their goals, your goals are automatically achieved. Unity develops a strong Team.

“Also learn to serve unconditionally and help the “Big PlanNet Team.” This will strengthen your personal team and help you achieve your goals because you’ll make the PlanNet better. Take care of the PlanNet and the PlanNet will take care of you.

“Fun facts: Angela is a “foodie” which is one of the reasons she loves traveling. She loves trying foods and experiencing different cultures. You also would be surprised that Angela loves working with her hands. She enjoys building and repairing things. Dorian is a thrill seeker - fast cars, skydiving, snorkeling, being strapped in a harness 10 stories up and shot across five blocks in Las Vegas. If it’s to be done he will do it. Dorian also made history and international news in 2013 by returning to school and graduating Morehouse College with his first born son, Dorian Jr.”