PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Jeremy McZeal and Brittany Parrish to the 20/20 Club! Here is what they shared with us:

Jeremy: I’m originally from Port Arthur, TX but now residing in San Antonio, Texas.
Brittany: I was born and raised in Detroit, MI but now reside in San Antonio.

Jeremy: I love reading, art, drawing, and poetry. I love to travel! I also love collecting swords, watching anime, and trying out different ramen. I also enjoy working on cars.
Brittany: Some of my interests include traveling, reading, spending time with my family, and thrift shopping for vintage items...just to name a few!

Jeremy/Brittany: We have had many travel experiences, and so much more to do, but our favorite ones have been this year to Disney World (all five theme parks) and Universal Studios (all three theme parks) in the same week! It sure brought out the kids within us! It was definitely a magical time!

Jeremy: I am achieving success by remaining the student and not trying to be the know-it-all…and most importantly, committing to my goals and not changing my mind when things got tough. I stay plugged in to my leaders and my personal development is key. I always have a book with me. But not only reading the information, but teaching the information. Teaching creates duplication. In terms of techniques, follow the system and remain a student.
Brittany: With this being my first time in network marketing, for me, what has led to my success is remaining coachable, being consistent, and plugging in to everything - calls, webinars, meetings, events, but most importantly, our leadership in the company! They have been a HUGE help in our success!

Jeremy: To be honest, it took time for us to achieve success. I was patient with myself and my team. We’ve had to build many times to be able to hit 20/20. I had to put my pride aside and make a lot of sacrifices. There are people that hit 20/20 quicker than we did, but our process wasn’t the same as theirs. We competed, but did not compare.
Brittany: The way to achieve success quickly for myself was to remain focused and don’t pay attention to what other people are doing. Of course celebrate your fellow business partners on their achievements, but don’t compare your success to theirs! Just keep working toward your goals and it will happen for you! Never quit!

Jeremy: Fun fact: I competed in Season 9 of American Ninja Warrior!
Brittany: Fun fact: I’m a wine enthusiast! Love trying new wines, learning about their origins, and the process it takes to make them!