PlanNet Marketing welcomes Kirstie Mastin to the 20/20 Club! Kirstie tells us, “So let me start by answering who Kirstie Mastin is. I am a wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters who are my WHY and the reason why I started this business. I wanted them to see things and go places I didn’t have a chance to see.
“What I enjoy most about the opportunity is not only can I TRAVEL but I'm helping others SUCCEED. Travel is something the world is doing and for me I had the amazing opportunity to go to Disney World multiple times, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, several cruises and am currently planning a Disney Cruise for my daughter's seventh birthday.

“I credit my success to being coachable and following the plays that my leaders call! I truly understand what it means to follow the leader. My leaders are my inspiration. The second thing that has contributed to my success is the push-pull effect. I understand when I push my team to reach their next level, it also helps me reach mine. My motto is, "Service to many leads to greatness." I will continue to serve and help others achieve their goals!

“I truly believe everything is placed in our lives for a reason and I'm thankful that this business opportunity was placed in my life!”