Welcome to the 20/20 Club, Tamara Neal! Tamara resides in Atlanta,GA, is a wife and mother of five girls and has one granddaughter. Her interests are travel, event planning, and helping others in her community. She says that she has always enjoyed traveling - within the states, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and has taken several cruises. This year she plans to travel more - her bucket list includes Punta Cana, Paris, Dubai or the Maldives. 

Tamara relates, “When I started this business, I was not focused on the marketing side. I was focused just on the travel side because I wanted to be the one-stop shop for my brides and grooms, but it all changed a few months after my one-year anniversary. I started to copy the right cat and follow my up-line leadership. I have found that by using attraction marketing via social media has helped to capitalize on my success. I've learned that in order to be a leader that I also need to be a reader and this year I'm doing a lot of getting out of my own way and being uncomfortable by talking more to people. I'm stepping out on faith and letting go because I know something beautiful is trying to grow in its place. I know that this is my season and time to help others, plus inspire many people.

“Some fun facts about me are that I like fitness (competition) and swimming with dolphins, and I also collect Tweety Bird items. Most importantly, two projects I have are Purses & Bags of Love for the homeless and Project PROMise for the juniors and seniors at my high school who need assistance with prom.