Tonia Simple, new 20/20 Club member, tells us, “I am originally from South Carolina, now residing in Stafford, TX for the past two and a half years with my husband and youngest of three children ages 28, 25 and 7. Although I don’t look the part, I also have three beautiful grandchildren. I have a newfound love of travel since joining this company two years ago. I truly believe in being a product of the product. Last year, I went on four cruise vacations within eight months, and that was just the beginning!

“The success I have accomplished so far in this business is amazing. For the first 15 months I was only in the travel side of the business, until I soon found out how much money I was leaving on the table. The rest was history. The evidence is here, therefore I plan to get it. My upline leadership team saw the potential in me before I saw it in myself. I know this is my time and I am in my season. I plan to help as many people as I can to achieve their desired goals as well.

“I believe my success was achieved quickly once joining PlanNet Marketing because I built that rapport with my customers in travel. I was truly committed to helping them to save the most on their traveling experience. The best way I knew to do this was by partnering up in business. Some would say, "Why would you miss out on that commission, you’re losing out." To me it was just the opposite -  If they win, we all win. I realized early on, It isn't  just about the money, it is the relationships that are being built. Together Everyone Achieves More. That is the definition of "Team" to me.  

“It took me losing a job of 20 years to realize that corporate America was limiting my full potential. I began to see the possibilities of never having to work for someone else to put a cap on how much money I could make. Once you start believing in yourself and start following the proven system put in place for us, you will win!”