Welcome to the 20/20 Club Angela McIver! Angela is from Detroit, MI and currently resides in Houston, TX. She has traveled to Thailand, Dubai, the Caribbean, Europe ,and South Africa! Angela says, “My top three travel experiences would have to be Cape Town, South Africa, Carnival in Trinidad, and island hopping in Croatia. I have been an engineer for over 10 years in various industries; however, traveling has always been one of my passions. In March 2017, I started my business because I love to travel and had the desire to help others see the world. I also didn’t want to rely on my corporate job alone to provide the lifestyle that I want. In PlanNet, we all know you should never rely on a single source of income! I didn’t realize that I would love PlanNet Marketing so much and my desire to help families experience financial freedom would become a passion of mine as well.

“I am achieving success in PlanNet Marketing by doing the simple things consistently, following the system. It is so important to be coachable and follow the leadership that demonstrates the proven success system. My leaders all have a servant’s heart and have coached me to hit every goal from bronze, silver, gold, and now 20/20. I learned the power of leverage early on and now I'm ready to tackle the next goal of DIT (Director in Training)!”