PlanNet Marketing welcomes Patricia Johnson Brown to the 40/40 Club! Originally from Somerset, NJ, Patricia is married to DeAndre Brown, who is from Memphis, TN. She has a beautiful daughter in her senior year at Howard University and three wonderful stepsons, one of whom attends Valdosta University. They now reside in Johns Creek, GA.

Patricia tells us, “I graduated from Howard University with a BS in Electrical Engineering and spent 20 years in corporate America working in the semiconductor industry, in technical sales and marketing. It was a love/hate relationship. I loved the money and my clients, but hated the infrastructure and the migraines. I truly love helping people which is why, in 2011 I co-founded ‘Math Is My Friend,’ a non-profit organization dedicated to closing the achievement gap in math.
“In 2015, I traded in my corporate America hat to become a full time entrepreneur and I love it!!  Right around the same time, I went to a travel party, which led me to buying my travel business that night. I was excited because I was told by the presenter, now Four-Star Director Eileen Ross, that I could earn a commission on my own destination wedding in Jamaica! I ended up making $3,000!

“At first I just enjoyed booking and saving on travel. I actually only joined the PlanNet Marketing side of the business because my cousin, Carmen Brown, said she was definitely joining and I didn’t want to miss out ‘just in case.’ Long story short, after sitting down with the founder, Donald Bradley, and hearing him tell me ‘we are going to teach people how to make it, save it, and invest it,’ I knew I was in the right place because that was MY motto. I love teaching people about financial empowerment…and of course I love to travel.

‘To think I came from a place where I would never do network marketing to being a Two-Star Director (on my way to Three-Star) and now in the 40/40 Club still amazes me. The added bonus to this business is that I get to help people earn additional income that can change their lives. When I was a sales engineer, people would want a job like mine (or so they thought) but I couldn’t help them unless they had an engineering degree. Here, I can help anybody and everybody who wants it, while helping myself and my family at the same time!”  #winning