Welcome to the 20/20 Club, Shanelle Hyman! Shanelle is from Woodbridge, VA and currently lives there with her husband of almost 15 years, their four boys, and a new baby on the way, expected in August! Shanelle tells us, “My interests are my babies. I do what I do for them. I desire for them to have what I didn’t, and that’s travel! I also desire to help people. I love people. 

“My travel experiences are not extravagant. My first and only airplane ride so far was to the PlanNet Marketing Convention in Atlanta last September. We try to do at least a three-day weekend with our babies every year, but they have all been somewhat local, no more than three to four hours away in North Carolina. We did go to Massanutten for a week as a family and that was nice. To spend time away from the rush of life and enjoy each other was nice. We have seen our share of hotels but because we do have a big family, we haven’t traveled much. Now we will thanks to PlanNet Marketing!

“My experience with PlanNet Marketing and being able to be in this current position, a stepping stone to the next level, is ALL because of God! Many prayers and pushing in the midst of differences. This is so new to me. From thinking I had to work a corporate job ALL my life to support my family, to now actually seeing that I do not have to and that I WILL be able to stay home and free up time for my babies…that is HUGE. Not to mention the PlanNet Pledge. 

“The best advice I could give would definitely be to trust God. Keep at it. Don’t give up. Trust the process. 

“A fun fact about me: I have an identical twin sister!”