Incentive Pricing? Think Again!

It might be tempting to make the sweet offering of the InteleTravel Independent Travel Agency even sweeter by offering your own “sale price” or “offer,” granting advantages in pricing that PlanNet Marketing is not offering – but you better think again folks. Don’t do it!
PlanNet Marketing doesn’t allow our Reps to offer special enticement advertising or incentive pricing. You must only advertise and sell ITAs at company published prices.

Plus, the ITA doesn’t need to be incentivized! ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?! If someone doesn’t see the enormous value found in this amazingly priced product, move on to someone who sees the value.  

We want you to be a success in building your PlanNet Marketing Business and we want you to have a superior product to sell at an excellent price! Just make sure that price – is our price.

For more information about this or any compliance matter, please email

-- Policies and Procedures Section 4.6, located in your Virtual Office in the Information Center (go to Resources, then Policies and Procedures).

~Amanda Restivo, Vice President, Compliance --


Q:   How do I submit changes for my ticket to the PlanNet Marketing 2018 Atlanta International Convention?

A:  Any changes that need to be made to your 2018 Atlanta International Convention tickets will need to be submitted in writing to support at We will be allowing changes that are submitted by August 31, 2018. After this time, there will be no changes or transfers allowed. If you should have any questions regarding this, you may contact support at 470-443-9330.

~ Sarah Muscarella, Manager of Customer Support



T-Shirt Time!  (We have our winners, thank you!)

Special thanks to the following crew who showed up in Baltimore to help us stuff bags and get ready for our event: Lisa Hawkes, Octavia Puryear, Winny Parks, Justine Turner, Geneva Ortner, Debbie Johnson, Carlisa Jones, Vahndel Pattillo, Stephen Williams, Sharon Baldwin, Alicia Wilkerson, Dinea Mahoney, Mildred Wade, Elaine Dorsey, and Cory Carrington.

Special thanks to the following three Directors who jumped in and helped at registration:  Damien Goins, Mona Grandison, and Elliott George.

~ LeAnn Troeckler, Chief Operations Officer


Good Friday Morning from the Marketing side of the PlanNet!

PlanNet Marketing took over Baltimore last week for our National Convention! What an unbelievable event it was, and it was great to see all of your shining smiles at convention!

Our registration desk was overflowing with an influx of PlanNet Reps and Directors from around the PlanNet. The Pep Rally reigned with an event that took the Hyatt Regency's house down. PlanNet University classes were invaluable with all of the great special guest speakers, Director trainers, and training sessions.
The finale kicked off with Cardinal Shehan Children's Choir singing the national anthem followed by "Rise Up" - there was not one dry eye in the room. The Mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh, welcomed PlanNet Marketing to Baltimore and recognized Founder Donald Bradley for being a Baltimore native and returning to impact its commerce!  We had a jam-packed day at our General Sessions - videos, speakers, Black Card $100 and $500 giveaways, and an awards ceremony that truly showed the excitement and enthusiasm that makes all of us so proud to be a part of the best place on the PLANNET!

~ LisaMarie Klinger, Vice President Marketing Administration