New 20/20 Club member Summer Lee is originally from Easley, SC and now resides in Columbia, SC. Her interests are design and artwork, running, traveling, dancing, and playing sports. She tells us that her travel experiences include several trips to Mexico, almost all 50 states (including Puerto Rico), and Europe. Her desire is to visit as many places in the world as possible and gain all the cultural experiences she can along the way.

Summer says, “I have to start by saying that success in this business is not achieved alone. I would not be where I am without my team or my accountability partner. I am achieving success at PlanNet Marketing by incorporating my business in all I do. This business is a lifestyle and if you treat it as a business that gives you a desirable lifestyle, then success is in your future!  Helpful tips…eliminate fear by approaching it. Whenever I get a feeling of hesitation, I know that is the direction I should go first. If I don’t want to do something, then I tend to make myself do it more often so that it becomes one of the things that I don’t mind doing. For example, if talking to strangers is my fear, then I make it a point to speak to everyone within arm’s reach of me. Each conversation is unique and all may not result in business, but the end goal is the same…build a relationship and gain a business partner!  Fear only exists in your mind…overcoming your own mind along with doubt is key. I always tell my business partners there are only two answers…”Yes or No” - and you’ve heard both before!

“A fun fact about me: I am the first female wrestler in the state of South Carolina!”