PlanNet Marketing welcomes Darryl and Yashika Drew to the 20/20 Club! Yashika was born and raised in Durham, NC (Bull City). Darryl was born and raised in southeast Washington, DC.  Yashika shares, “On the weekends, we enjoy dinner and a movie and bowling occasionally. Drew enjoys working out and we both enjoy reading. Occasionally, we will get away for a quick weekend getaway. We have traveled some in the past but not as much as we would have liked. Our travel consisted mostly of AAU track and basketball in the summer because our sons were very active in their respective sports.  

“Our success comes from the fact that we knew we had to first believe in ourselves. If we believed, then half the battle was won. Secondly, we knew we had to follow our direct sponsors Greg and Carla Scott's lead by remaining coachable. Stepping out of my comfort zone was a challenge with presenting the opportunity during travel parties. However, I knew that if I wanted to be successful and help others, I needed to first face the challenge head on.  

“We both have full time, demanding jobs, but we made the commitment to dedicate time for our business each and every day.  We knew that we could not treat our business like a hobby. We refused to give more time and effort to our jobs and then make excuses about working our business.

“I love to dance. Drew loves to ride roller coasters! Also most people don't know that Drew's first name is Darryl. He's always been referred to as Drew.”