PlanNet Marketing welcomes Cophia Jackson to the 40/40 Club. Cophia says that she is an Alabama peach hailing from Jonesboro, Georgia. She was a military child for over ten years and was stationed with her family at many US Air Force bases, including two bases in Germany where she even attended a German school - “Gutentag.” After her father retired from the military, the family settled in Alabama and Cophia attended the University of North Alabama, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree with a minor in Accounting. As a military child, she developed a love for travel as her family moved around the world during her youth. As she grew, her desire for traveling never stopped.

Cophia shares, "If it does not make dollars, it does not make sense." My mother taught me this at an early age. I never truly understood what that meant, until life happened. As a single mother of a 23 and 17-year old, I had to push. I went to school, I got good grades, and I got that corporate job. I believed this would sustain my family and me for life. After several years with corporate America, I realized I could no longer be a part of the 40/40/40 plan. [Editor’s note: The 40/40/40 plan: working 40 hours a week for someone else for 40 years of your life in order to retire on 40 percent of your pay.] I vowed to myself and others that I would find a way to get US into a race we could WIN.

“As an entrepreneur who happens to be a female, I have learned that we can do anything we set our minds to. I definitely enjoy helping not only young women, but young men to establish themselves, to love themselves, to understand that they can do anything and be anything they aspire to be. I started my business as a tax professional in 2003 and I have not looked back. Although this is a very rewarding profession, there are bumps along the way, but the successful never stop moving toward their goals. They keep on pushing, keep on moving, and they accomplish dreams that are larger than life. I encourage people around me to never give up on their dreams and goals. If it can happen for me, it will happen for you.

“When the opportunity in PlanNet Marketing came along, I immediately knew that this would help to positively impact families from all financial and cultural backgrounds. I am extremely happy to be a part of the PlanNet family and I look forward to helping many more. Multiple streams of income is the way to wealth. I am no different from you; my desires, goals and dreams are large. They are even large enough to make some people laugh (I love it)! I encourage you to keep pushing, keep moving, keep dreaming and keep putting it into action. NEVER GIVE UP - YOU ARE ENOUGH.”