PlanNet Marketing welcomes Shakarna Chapman to the 40/40 Club! Shakarna tells us, “I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I moved to Aberdeen, MD almost 20 years ago to raise my son - the love of my life, who is now a chef living in Charlotte, NC. I spent the last 17 years working as a processing operator for one of the largest snack food companies.  My interests are simple: I LOVE TRAVEL!! Now that I am an empty nester I get to do what I love - one of the reasons why I started my travel business. My love for travel started back in 2008 when I went on my very first "real" vacation to Jamaica. I have never seen anything so beautiful - it was paradise. The whole time there I couldn't stop thinking of my son and how much I missed him but more importantly, I wanted him there with me. Since 2008, my son and I have been to several countries and 33 states. Special thanks to a good friend who gifted me an all-expenses-paid trip to Jamaica - and I have not looked back since. 
“From traveling as a hobby to traveling as a business, PlanNet Marketing has changed my life. This is my first experience with network marketing and I will say it has been one heck of a journey thus far. I never thought I would achieve this much success in a short period of time and I am thankful! In less than two years, I have made great strides and I will continue to coach, train and develop my team, as well as follow my leadership. I'm always in student mode! Being coachable, staying plugged in, trusting the process, doing the activity (PS3), READING, and repeating these steps consistently has been the success strategy - everything we are taught to do! Become the evidence and your team will follow you. The system works; never sway from it or try to reinvent the wheel. Special thanks to Letoria Mayberry and Jay-Michael Stuart for always being supportive and coaching me. 
“Fun fact! Lately I've been on a quest to conquer all of my fears! After hearing Mr. Bradley speak about limitations and fears, it made me realize I had to remove all obstacles. A few of my fears are public speaking, shooting a gun, heights, becoming a business owner, etc. Recently I overcame my fears of shooting a gun and I flew in a helicopter over the Las Vegas strip. These experiences have taught me that the limitations were all in my head and I had nothing to fear. Fear is truly false evidence appearing real. I was empowered, liberated, and ready to release all inhibitions. Get out of your comfort zone and get into your MONEY ZONE!!!  My goal is to be a Two-Star Director by my second anniversary.

“As always, I am honored and grateful to a be a part of PlanNet Marketing. Words can't express how thankful I am for Mr. Bradley and his vision!”