Welcome to the 20/20 Club Theresa Moliere-Lane! Theresa shares, “I am from St. Rose, Louisiana. I recently returned to my hometown after 15 years. I have a blended family with five children and four grandchildren. I work full-time in the oil and gas industry. My interest is spending time with my family and making my grandkids happy. In my spare time I love shopping and traveling.

“My travel experiences include Punta Cana, Hawaii, Aruba, Puerto Vallarta, Bahamas, Cozumel, Jamaica, California, Haiti, Texas, Florida, Las Vegas, Alabama, Arkansas, New York and Colorado.

“I am achieving my success at PlanNet Marketing by just sharing with others everything I love about the company and having a great support team. My husband drove about seven hours to make sure I attended Dream Makers in Huntsville, AL. Something Donald Bradley said that has stuck with me is, “Never miss a meeting that you are qualified to attend.

“Tips that I will pass along: Treat this like a business. Always remember that there is no “I” in team. When bringing someone into the business, make sure you follow up with them on a regular basis to make sure they are as successful as you are. If you do not know something, always ask. No question is a dumb question. The way I achieved success so quickly was by being coachable by my Director, staying plugged in, and following the system. The most important thing is encouraging my team. Each person that I have brought in to the business is now my brother and sister in success.

“A fun fact that I would like to share about myself is that ever since I was a kid, we have always traveled and I loved stopping at every welcome center along the way and picking up travel brochures. Now I am the owner of my own travel business. Another fun fact: Last year I found out that my husband had never been to Disney and as a Travel Agent I felt it was my duty to make sure he saw the Mouse. I surprised him with a trip to Disney last year for his 46th birthday!”