Welcome Elizabeth Huntley to the PlanNet Marketing 20/20 Club! Elizabeth shares, “My given name is Elizabeth but for some reason my father started calling me Prissy when I was two days old and it has been with me my entire life. I tell everyone it’s a term of endearment and not an observation! I was born and raised in the Houston, TX area and grew up in Highlands, about 30 miles east of Houston. I currently reside in Mont Belvieu with my husband, Bennie. Together we have four children and five grandchildren, whom we adore!
“My husband and I are travelers. We always made it a priority to take at least a week-long vacation every year with the children as they were growing up. Even when times were tough, we always found a way to get away for at least a week to just be with and enjoy our family. Now that the children are grown and raising their families, our trips are a little nicer than before. We are seven states away from visiting all 50 states. I love New York and take a girls’ trip with my besties every January. Bennie is an avid golfer, so he visits golf courses all over the states. Becoming a travel agent just made sense because of our love for travel and adventure.
“I joined PlanNet Marketing on July 27, 2017 and Hurricane Harvey hit our area hard on August 27, 2017. My focus went from building a team to focusing on my friends and helping where I could.  Thanksgiving Day I came down with the flu and was down for six weeks, and one of my dear childhood friends passed away with an aggressive form of cancer, so I completely lost focus on why I joined PlanNet. Come January, all of my friends affected by the storm were still not completely back in their homes, but many were needing to get away from all the stress and chaos and just have a moment to de-stress, so I began booking trips for them. Then spring break trips came and everyone was so tired of winter that just thinking about summer vacations made them feel warm, so I was booking lots of beach vacations. And I was traveling around a lot, going to ship inspections, attending the Inteletravel convention in Orlando, going to travel shows in the Woodlands and Dallas, and my friends started contacting me, wanting to talk about this travel business I was doing.

“And then the PlanNet convention in Baltimore - how can you not be motivated during and after convention! I was refocused and had wasted enough time and just made a decision - it was time to build my team. I talk with everyone, I also use social media to reach out to people, I have become relentless. I’ve even attempted a few live FB posts (not my favorite marketing tool, but I always get positive feedback). I have stood in front of a mirror for six straight hours practicing the presentation so I could do launch parties and not have to call on anyone for assistance. With the guidance of Director Rachel Russell, I became better with my phone calls to pique interest. I practice daily, while I’m sitting at my computer booking travel, driving in the car, or standing in line at the grocery store…I’m going over the presentation in my head. It is up to me to be successful; no one is going to do it for me! I made the decision. Dream It, Plan It, Work It, Make It Happen!”