PlanNet Marketing welcomes Reginald Gilchrist to the 20/20 Club! Reginald tells us that he is from Greenwood, SC, where he currently resides. His interests are electronics, traveling, business and economics. Reginald says, “I have traveled to Cancun, Mexico where I stayed for six nights/seven days with all inclusive butler service. In Las Vegas I stayed at Bally’s Hotel and Casino while attending the PlanNet Marketing convention. In New York City I stayed downtown and visited Times Square. In Baltimore, MD I stayed at the Hilton Hotel and attended the PlanNet Marketing convention.

“I achieved success in PlanNet Marketing by believing and being confident in what I am offering. I stay focused, knowing that failing isn’t an option, all while being coachable and applying the system to my daily lifestyle. I am also committed to personal development through reading, audio, and coaching from my upline. I achieved success so quickly by failing along the way and never giving up. I understood that I had to show up to my own rescue! I consistently shoot the shots no matter the outcome. I will help others do the same by encouraging them to believe in themselves and what they are capable of! What’s most exciting about me is that I’m spontaneous!! I enjoy traveling and I’m ready to see the world!!