Welcome to the 20/20 Club Carla Waters! Carla is originally from Atlanta, GA, Her interests include reading, traveling, and serving others. She has traveled to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and most recently to India.  She says, “A few of these trips were attributed to my service to our country.  

“My success can be attributed to my drive, my why, my self discipline/motivation, and the passion i have to serve others. If I were to sum up how I achieved my success, I would include the list above, my coach, and the motivation I get from wanting and watching others I serve win. 

“Before the company sharpened its focus on millennials, my team had already consisted of them. I have four millennials of my own, so I see firsthand how much greater of a challenge it is for them to work a regular job. They are smart and can do anything but crave something different and this vehicle will afford them that. If only something this great were available to me when I was their age! My four loves are my biggest accomplishments - to see them do everything that they want in life will continue to be the biggest drive for my success and my drive to win within this opportunity that was presented to me!”