Welcome to the PlanNet Marketing 20/20 Club, Crystal Bodie Smith! Crystal is a Native New Yorker who resides in the Knightdale/Raleigh, NC area. She says, “I am utilizing my platform in collaboration with PlanNet Marketing to have a global impact, letting it be known that this company is helping to make it possible for me to continue with my mission as a hope catalyst: ‘Stirring Up The Gift , Instilling Hope, and Saving Lives!’ My tagline is: #keephopealive.” She loves spending time with her grandson, family and friends, enjoys basketball, cards, and helping people.

Crystal continues, “My best travel experience is yet to come with this opportunity. In the past I enjoyed all the conventions and meetings with the business partners. I love meeting people from all over the world. I also enjoy times like the one pictured with my daughters and grandson in Atlanta. I cherish my family and the times I spend with my one and only sister left from a family of five. I look forward to using this platform to continue showing others how to spend quality time with family and making dreams come true. I am excited to have all my family in the business with me so we can live, travel, laugh, love, and make money together. I also like going on the cruise ship inspections. This opened my eyes to what endless possibilities I have in my hands. I am so excited that I am now in process of finally getting my passport to see and change the world.
“My PlanNet Marketing success didn’t come as quickly as it could have because I stunted my own growth. I was fearful, prideful, and also emotionally scarred from past failures, losses, and disappointments. I encourage everyone coming behind me to do a cleansing from the inside out as my Director, Ms. Dennese Hopson, always says. Ms. Hopson has truly helped to mold me into the person I am becoming with her direct, relateable, uncompromising, and unselfish leadership style. I am not there yet; however, it is a continual personal development process.

“Pointer One: Continue reading, attending meetings, doing conference calls, and listening to the coaches and mentors worldwide. 

“Pointer Two: Forgive yourself for everything you messed up before this opportunity and do not look for validation from others. Endorse yourself and give yourself permission to soar high with the eagles. My late Bishop Frank Summerfield said it best: “You cannot fly with the eagles, pecking with the chickens!”

“Pointer Three: Forget about trying to do it by everyone and just go through the process. My coach Dennese Hopson said it best: “You cannot succeed based on your own system, you have to use the company’s system.”  

“Pointer Four: We must listen to all the coaches and continue to read and develop. Identify your weakness and strengthen yourself in that area that is hindering you. Then do not look back! 

“Pointer Five: Most importantly, learn to let down the guards, stop taking everything personally, and do not be defensive or argumentative. Consider the possibility that the information may change your life for the better and try it. You have nothing to lose!

“In closing, I would say ‘Sit down with your grown self and listen if you are not yet at the same place as your coach. Sometimes it is hard to teach a grown person like me, almost 60 years old...I know I do not look it, smile! Take it from me and do not wait until you get tired of making mistakes and losing time, while realizing it is you who is causing interference. Do yourself a favor and stop the madness and adhere to all the directives and be proactive and grow and see your promotions. Lean on God; master the Prayer of Serenity and use the system! It works!  Then PRESS ON AND BUILD YOUR LEGACY FOR YOUR FAMILY! 

“Overall, my success came from my relationship with God, my parents, then my Directors continually pushing for more. Thank you Dennese Hopson, Clifford Coward, and Ann Jones. In addition I thank all the PlanNet Marketing leaders who have also helped as needed when asked. This leadership and training process overall contributes to my success in a major way too.

“Thank you, Mr. Bradley and Mr. Ferrara, for our one-on-one conversations. I especially thank Mr. Andy and  Ms. LeAnn and the PlanNet Marketing family for always taking care of me at meetings with my special needs too. This is truly one big family and I appreciate the way everyone works together towards one mission to uphold the vision. 

“I achieved success so quickly through my personal mentor/sponsor/Director - who knows me better than I  know myself. She was my angel and she continued to speak life into me and never gave up. When I received what she was saying and saw what she saw, then I tapped into my own God-given gifts and stirred my own self up. I am a person who was so used to doing for others. I had to realize I cannot help others until I had a firm disposition, which allowed me to fulfill my purpose for my family and those who need me. I also realized that I am no different than those who preceded me. I had to focus and be intentional and remind myself that I was more than a conqueror, with Christ who strengthens me! I had to get over the way others may have mistreated me and underestimated me and just make up my mind that I mattered and I did it for myself first. Then, I had to show my daughters, so they know regardless of what obstacles you face in life, if you want anything badly enough, you can have it. It may not come when you want it or be easy. THEN, REMEMBER THOSE WHO HELPED YOU, REMAIN HUMBLE, TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED, AND FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED AND AIM TO WIN!