PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Yakinea Marie Duff to the 20/20 Club! Yakinea says, “I live in the great city and state of Birmingham, Alabama! I find my greatest joy in spending time with family, reading, traveling, serving in my ministry, helping the homeless, and empowering entrepreneurs and visionaries to rise and operate at their full capacity.
“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE traveling. I’ve traveled internationally three times but my greatest desire is to travel the world and visit one hundred countries, while inspiring others to do the same, and through PlanNet Marketing I will have the opportunity to fulfill this dream as a travel professional.
“My success in PlanNet Marketing is a direct result of five things:
1) Following my leadership and Coach, Mr. Orlanda Moore’s instructions regarding using the system when exposing and leveraging leadership.
2) Moving with a sense of urgency when exposing my prospects to the opportunity.
3) Categorizing and keeping a record of my interactions with my prospects so that I can follow up when scheduled and in a timely manner.
4) The fortune is in the follow-up, therefore I schedule follow-up appointments in my calendar like I schedule one-on-one appointments because they are equally important.
5) Repeat #1 - #4 over and over and over again, while teaching my team to do the same. It’s the mundane things that you master that produce inevitable success.
“Success first starts with a decision that you will play a significant role within PlanNet Marketing. I made a decision to play a part in supporting Mr. Donald Bradley with reaching his overarching company goal of 50K active ITAs by January 2019 and 100K active ITAs by October 26, 2020. My goals are very aggressive both personally and corporately; therefore, I work my business like a business and not a hobby. My philosophy: words mean nothing unless they are coupled with CONSISTENT action.
“A fun fact about me: I recently became a vegan on October 1, 2017 and it has been a fun and adventurous journey of exploring food creatively.”