PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Christopher & Michelle Fletcher to the 20/20 Club! Christopher writes, “Greetings everyone! My wife, Michelle, and I work the travel business together. We are from Pike Road, AL, which is in the suburbs of Montgomery. We enjoy traveling and setting up for events to market our travel business, and to recruit new travel agents. We love to travel, which is what sparked our interest in becoming Independent Travel Agents. We have traveled to various locations such as the Bahamas, Hollywood, CA, Las Vegas, Florida, Texas, and numerous other locations around the country.

We have achieved success at PlanNet Marketing by marketing our business consistently and sharing the business opportunity with coworkers, family, friends and random people we may meet along the way. We also explain the importance of having multiple streams of income during this day and age. We are not afraid to approach people and share the opportunity with them. In order to share the information, you have to learn it yourself. Your delivery is important, and it’s a must that you pique their interest within the first 30 seconds!

“A fun fact that I would like to share is that we don’t just work our business for the money alone, we enjoy meeting people who have the same vision as we do. We also enjoy planning getaways with our business partners! This is one of the BEST business decisions we have made thus far.”