PlanNet Marketing welcomes Vincent and LaTonya Muse to the 20/20 Club! Both are from Washington, DC and they now reside in Cheltenham, MD with their sons DeVonte’ and Breon. Vincent is an IT specialist and his wife is a teacher in the field of early childhood education. “We enjoy traveling - some of the places we have traveled to are Bermuda, Jamaica, and Florida, and we will be vacationing in Hawaii this upcoming summer.

“We are achieving success in PlanNet Marketing by always sharing this amazing opportunity with others, being coachable, listening to our coaches/Directors, following the PS3, and attending the weekly briefings.

“The way we achieved success so quickly is by having travel parties, listening to the IMV calls every morning, never missing an event that we are qualified to attend, and always, always staying plugged in. Not only are we in PlanNet Marketing, but PlanNet Marketing is in us. We love sharing what we do with everyone and helping others along the way. We want to see everyone win and be successful in this opportunity!”