PlanNet Marketing congratulates Darryl Jenkins on becoming a One-Star Director! Darryl was born and raised in the Washington, DC area, and currently resides in Hyattsville, MD. His interests include traveling, helping others, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Darryl tells us, “Although I haven’t really had much time to travel on my own, I do enjoy preparing travel for my clients that creates memories for them, and of course they continue to use and refer me, which is always a plus. Something about seeing where your clients will stay and those amenities they will enjoy should excite you to help more to travel.

“As I mentioned when I reached the 20/20 club last year, my success comes from a place of passion – wanting to help others and being able to expose them to an amazing opportunity that can change their lives. Just watching them tap into their potential and begin believing in themselves is an awesome feeling.  A tip I would pass along would be the same as I share with everyone I encounter… remain humble, remain consistent, and stay both coachable and connected. Often times we tend to drift away from our sponsors or disconnect ourselves, which limits our ability to grow in the business.

“I believe I achieved success so quickly because I was consistent in exposing my warm market to the business opportunity. Having now reached the 40/40 Club and One-Star Director in the same month, I believe comes from people understanding my passion, drive, and the determination I commit when doing anything. Therefore, they placed their trust in me and became partners, which I feel honored to hear. I also achieved this through engaging my team and working with them to reach their desired pin rankings while helping those in their downline find that desire to share the opportunity as well. I think if most are like me, when you get that first promotion you then want to keep going as far as you can push yourself.

“A little fun fact about me is that I enjoy spending time with my business partners as we have created a circle where we bond a few times a month (usually over food).”