PlanNet Marketing is pleased to welcome Elaine Reid to the 20/20 Club. Elaine tells us she was born and raised in Jamaica. She moved to New York in 2006 after living in Canada for three and half years. She currently resides in Cumming, GA. Her interests are travel, cooking, and, most of all, helping others overcome their valley moments, seeing winners evolved from brokenness and owning their path to success.

Elaine shares, “I love to travel but I didn’t understand where that love came from until I came into this business and started trying to understand this new journey I was on. I remember on Saturday mornings we would get ready and head out to visit relatives or the beach or some other attractions in and around rural Jamaica. In college I was part of a group (20 of us roughly) where we decided we would spend at least one night in every parish in Jamaica, and so we set out on that journey and after we achieved it, we started looking at the other Caribbean Islands. Cuba was on the list and then life happened, people moved away, and we started doing it with our individual families. I remember being responsible for finding the places to visit, the accommodations, meals, and deciding on how we were getting there…planning, organizing, communicating, and overseeing the execution plans. This is why I know I am in the right place. I’ve done the training and have years of experience even before I understood or realized that this industry can be the vehicle to change my life.

“Most of my recent travels have been around Canada, the US, and Jamaica. My next set of journeys will be to other Caribbean Islands, Europe, and Africa. I am heading to the Bahamas and I am currently planning a trip to Egypt and Jordan and bringing a group along. Group travel excites me; it’s what I know, been doing for so long, and was not being paid for it. Now I see the value of my experiences.

“My success in PlanNet Marketing stems from understanding the value of what I have in both businesses. It’s making sure I stay plugged in, using the systems provided for us (such as the PS3 System), helping my partners to start right, living up to what I said I would do, and holding each other accountable to the commitments we made to each other. Go to the meetings – I learn something new every time I go and I learn from those who are already successful. It’s ensuring my partners are informed so they are empowered in their own business, and then supporting their efforts through the systems in place. Summarizing – stay plugged in, be focused, set and know your goals, be consistent, do what you say you will do, help your new partners to start right, encourage duplication, and treat this like a business and not a hobby (if it’s a business it will be a priority in your life).

“A fun fact: I love to travel and visit new places but I HATE flying. I literally get panic attacks when I have to fly. Well, I have these grand places that I will be visiting and the problem is these more than 10-hour flights that I have to make it through. Well, challenge accepted – I can’t not live out my dreams to visit these places. Look out world I am on my way!”