PlanNet Marketing welcomes one of our newest One-Star Directors - Arthur Cox! Arthur is from Louisville, Kentucky and currently resides there. His interests are reading, sports and helping people. Arthur shares, “I love the Caribbean. I've been to Mexico 10 times, Jamaica three times, and Punta Cana twice. As a veteran of the Armed Services, I've traveled in Europe to Amsterdam, Paris, Germany, and Belgium.

“I'm achieving success because I am embracing the journey. I follow the direction of my leadership closely. I read and I execute. I do not hesitate. I get on every call or playback. I go to every meeting in my area. Most importantly, I care about my team winning - their success is my success.

“You will not understand everything. Don't hesitate. Take care of your team. Get to every big event that you qualify for. Get your team to those events with you. You must sacrifice something. Look at this as a serious opportunity for you and your family and act like it. Plug in, plug in, plug in.

“And a fun fact: the Louisville Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers…no other teams matter!”